Security Blankets

Does your child have one?
Wow. Yes wow is all I can manage about now...
So yes Emilyn & Hugo both have security blankets. Can you guess I'm just washing one. Hugo's noticed & he's been having a tantrum for approximately 27minutes.
Security Blankets. I've never seen him tantrum like this before! 
It's a tantrum of all tantrums this is... 
Damn Security blankets. Of course they need to be washed they would smell to high heaven otherwise. Hugo sucks on his. Emilyn never done that. It's gross! So the tantrum is still going on. I must do something to try to calm him down... 
Ahh I no sweets he has dolly mixtures. Perfect it's worked for the meantime. 
Now to find a blanket he's happy enough with.... Where's that Missoni blanket gone? 
*Found it! He doesn't want it though.... Typical it's nap time. No blankey hmmm 
Hugo's looking around thank goodness he's stopped crying. He takes a look at the blanket looks back at me & grabs it! Yes he's happy. 
We have a cuddle 
Then he's fast asleep. 
Not a care in the world. Perfect.
Security blankets... 


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