Wear your boots Ted is PUBLISHED

Wear your boots Ted Talipes front cover.

Wear your boots Ted is published! Today is the 4/09/13 7am & I just bought & downloaded it to my iPad! VERY exciting.

Wear your boots Ted, Talipes book.
Wear your boots Ted is also a 'likeable' page on Facebook

The book is about Ted-Ted who says 'nah' to wearing boots and bar but Mum tries her hardest to get Ted to wear them. When Mum says the boots and bar is magical & makes dreams come true. Ted-Ted is happier & puts them on without a fight. 

Inspired by Hugo & Hugo's bear that wears boots and bar. 

A short bedtime story for any little Girl or Boy 

Ready to download here ...

Thank you Lauren for bringing the book to life - i love Ted-Ted :) - find Lauren Here

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