You would think he would be used to them by now....Talipes

His boots & bar I mean. The amount of times I've heard
"Oh I suppose he's used to them by now."
Well yes you would think that. but my boy knows the difference to wearing his boots & bar & having his feet free.
Last night was another awful awful night of Hugo pleading with all of his might, pleading me to take his boots & bar off.

It goes against all of my motherly instincts to not just whip them off...

It started around 8 pm with the odd cry but by 9:30pm he was having a full tantrum throwing his boots around crying for "mummy boots, bar, OFF'
He stayed awake crying, shouting out pleads to take his boots & bar off till 3 am. By this time I was exhausted. But I didn't cry. I stayed strong for him.
I just kept repeated to him "I know baby, It's not nice, I'm sorry."

I think last night was especially bad because he has such sore feet. Blisters & sores on his soles.

This has been by far the toughest stage in my life.

Hugo's feet. 
The only thing keeping me strong is the thought that one day Hugo will thank me for being his mummy. For staying strong through all of his pleads.
The thought of a relapse scares me to my core.

It's another one of those 'I wish I could look into the future...' moments 


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