Baby free Break?

I'm having a really rubbish day. Nothing major just lots of little things going wrong.
Head ache. Grumpy unruly children. A crazily busy life schedule. Messy house after cleaning all day yesterday...a WHY do I bother moment? I'm tired... You know when all the little things in life go together & make one huge bad mood? THIS<<<<

Well its got me thinking... I AM IN DYER NEED OF A BREAK.
If you know me you'll know I never get a break. The closest to a break I manage to get is a pre school committee meeting or a charity event.

Life seems to be running at me with a HUGE BALL ready to squash me. Well thats how it feels.
Hugo is 21 months old & believe it or not I still haven't had a night away with him.
People look at me with complete SHOCK when I tell them this. He's almost 2!
Hey my life I just haven't felt ready to leave him just yet. I think his boots & bar is a big part of this. He must have his boots on every night...I am always worried about other people putting them on. Also he isn't the best of sleepers, so why would I hinder a sleepless night on someone else?
But mainly the fact that he was so poorly at the beginning of the year hospitalised poorly...
Life is just so constant. I need that break or I really feel like I am going to break... I'm totally at breaking point!...

I've always been shall we say a little shocked at parents (mothers) happily leaving their babies at home & jetting off on holiday with their husband or a group of friends. I've never understood why/how they can do it? I don't think i would enjoy myself without my babies? I would be constantly worried about them.
Are they behaving?
Are they happy?
Are they eating?
ect ect...
I would miss them like crazy I think I would go crazy thinking about them.

But today all I am thinking about is getting on an aeroplane with Mr H & jetting off to Italy or Spain for the weekend without my babies!

I miss sunbathing in peace.
I miss relaxing.
I miss having a pee in peace... without having to wait for two children to come in to the bathroom with me!
I miss Mr H.
I miss me time....
I really miss Sleep....

I miss doing things in my own time. Having a lazy morning... late breakfast/brunch then having a lazy afternoon.

Marbella, Spain

Oh man I sound super selfish. But I really do. I miss my husband.
Mr H works 6 days out of 7... The times he is at home its a brisk hi dinner & bed. the morning a few grunts & he's off to work. We try & see each other in the evening but I get so tired I have to go to bed latest 10pm.

I'm not saying I could actually jet off abroad without my children but it's quite nice to dream...
A night/weekend away locally will do I think...
Who would of thought children would take up so much of your time?
Ha totally joking. I knew Children would be 24/7 I actually think I would have more Energy if I was the manger of Disney Land Florida though... & more money.

I wouldn't change my life for the world. I love my little people. But we all need a break every now & then don't we?


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