Eye eye check up toddler talk

I was super excited about visiting the hospital today for my glasses check... It's normally Gogo who gets to have all the fun at the doctors but today it was my turn. Mummy told me if I'm a good girl she'll buy me sweets well that's a deal to me; on the way to the hospital it's a long long drive but I didn't mind too much I got to talk to Mummy & dance & sing too ! I asked mummy if I was going to an adult Hospital or a children's one.? Mummy said a children's area for us ... So obviously I asked if there would be lots of Gogo's there ? Serious question in my eyes. Lots of babies just like my little brother ? 
Mummy said that was funny but there may be other babies but probably not called Gogo. 
So mummy when are you going to get me some sweets ? 
Mummy said when we're three before or after ? But I'm four?! Not three ? I can't get younger. Oh no perhaps I'm not going to get any! I asked Mummy what she meant by. 'When I'm three?' It's scary I want to get bigger not smaller ? 

Oh oh we are here now mummy just needs to find a car parking space it's super busy. 
The best part of going to the hospital is the play room... Mummy calls it the waiting room? I don't understand. Mummy read Gogo & I lots of story's & we played with the toys. 

Mummy asked me to tidy up the toys but my name hadn't been called so I refused. 

Oh oh "Emilyn Harding"? Yep that's me... Mummy you can wait here I'm a big girl. But mummy said no & so she came In with me.. But I did get to sit on the chair all on my own whilst mummy & Gogo sat the other side of the room. 

I was such a big girl. I done everything the doctor asked. I had my eye on the prize. ( sweets. ) 
The doctor said I must still wear my glasses & to go to the opticians by the seaside to see what they think. But back again to see this lady in the new year ! That will be after Christmas !! 

I even got to finish my day at school. I'm quite happy I still get to wear my pretty glasses that means I'll  'snap ' hello kitty 

Yours Sincerly 
Miss Emilyn aged four (four whole fingers old) 


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