Ghosts do you believe?

Ghosts can be a very taboo subject. Some believe, Some don't.
As it's coming up to Halloween I thought I'd share with you our recent goings on.

The background : 
When we moved to Parents house almost 13 years ago. I was a young teen. The day we got the keys the house felt very cold, very unsettling, very unwelcome.
It amazed me how unwelcome some bricks & water can make you feel. My mother & I drove back to our old house rather unsure of our new...

We decorated the whole house & bought new furniture we made the house ours. The history in the house goes back literally hundreds of years. It started life as 2 very small wood cutters cottages. As the cottages became one the cottage name changed & now to find history about it... well is difficult.

Strange things kept happening... I blogged briefly about it before. HERE << this blog post covers slightly of the background but I want to tell you more. More than just our books being switched & pages changed.
More than just the doorbell going off at strange times of the day...

I'm always being watched. & if I'm not being watched, theres someone walking or running past our house windows.

Call me mad if you like. I'm quite used to it. I've lived with it long enough...

We recently had the conservatory built its obviously disrupted the house, Weeks after the Dining room smelt like fire, its was freezing, the house didn't like it. She didn't like it.

Night upon night I would get into bed & my feet at the end of the bed would always be warm. She was sat at the end of my bed. always the right side. When I moved house this never happened. Only at my parents house. In my bedroom I have seen glimpses of the young girl more times than I can say.
I can't really tell you much about her... & At times I honestly thought I was crazy.

My younger sister is now in that bedroom & low & behold. She is experiencing very similar. She feels a presence in her room, whilst doing her make up she says it feels as if someone is standing behind her. She will turn to no one. No one even in the house with her.

It's funny because she never believed me when it was happening to me.

So i'm glad she can see her too.

The upmost annoying one is when i'm certain someone is at the front door.
Someone will walk past the window & then tap the front door. drives me crazy & as you know we built our home opposite my Mums house it happens here too. I'll be in the kitchen & i'll hear footsteps on the decking.... no ones there.

I want to tell you about what my 4 year old daughter told me.

A few weeks ago, Mr H & I sat on our sofa having our morning coffee trying to persuade Emilyn to get dressed.

Now & I know how dream land children's brains are I really do; But this adds up to it.
out of no where "Mummy the little girl Rosalyn at Nannas house is sad,"
I said "what little girl Emilyn? your toy?"
Emilyn "No Mummy, I see her in the dark at Nannas"
I say "Oh does she talk to you? How do you know her name?"
Emilyn "She told me, Mummy she's lost her Mummy, She's 100years old"

I right at this moment look over at Mr H - Oh my gosh she's talking about the girl. Now of course I don't no how old she is... But for Emilyn to even say 100 years old is bizarre & to say the name Rosalyn she not to my knowledge knows any one with this name...

Emilyn goes on to say "Mummy she needs her Mummy"

I makes me kinda sad, She lost her Mummy.

So can any of you non believers explain this to me too?

*True story* Happy Halloween.


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