"Feet Hurt Mummy"

After a good few weeks of Hugo happily wearing his boots and bar we have hot rock bottom tonight. At 9pm the crying started a few wines & whinges to start with but once I knew he was really unhappy Mr.H went to get him. 
Hugo was throwing himself around & so upset telling me his "feet hurt mummy" then uncontrollably crying again, asking for cuddles but not accepting them at the same time. 
I looked him in the eyes & said "Hugo what's wrong poppet ?" 
Then he turned to me once again & said "feet mummy feet hurt" tears rolling down my face that moment once again that your heart is saying take them off take them off but your head the reality saying no he must wear them without this treatment he may never walk. 
I calmed myself composed myself for Hugo's benefit; inside I'm feeling confused & lost... I told him how his boots are magic & only magic special people wear these boots just like Ted-Ted then got the book out... Obviously skipped to the racing car page. It called him for a moment or two. 
Then the crying became screaming Mr H got some Calpol it could be teething (he's just getting two bottom ones) or he may of been cold or getting almightedly fed up with his duvet; he's ALWAYS getting stuck he will roll over boots and bar gets stuck he'll roll the other way boots and bar get stuck... It's an absolute nightmare. So I suppose I'll never know why he wakes up so distressed & I know I can't blame everything on his boots and bar. 
He point blankly refused the Calpol this was the time I thought was best to get him in our room calm him down & hope he gets some sleep. 
A few moments later I hear tiny little footsteps, the door creaking, Emilyns awake! 
Turn the negatives into positives 
"Ah-ha you're awake you can help us with Hugo..." 
I asked Hugo what foot hurt he said his left well pointed to his left.. I decided to investigate & took his boot off then his sock kissed & cuddled his foot. 
Luckily he wanted his sock back on & happily let me put his boot back on. 
He's now cuddled up on me in my bed... 
Much happier than he was... Perhaps his foot was creased & in pain? Just another night for our Happy feet boy. 


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