Keep thrifty this Christmas

Ok I know It's not Christmas YET... I know its just October & I know I said I would try & hold out posting till AFTER Halloween.

BUT : If your tight for money, no doubt you'll be already buying Christmas gifts...

It makes me sad that I'm already worrying about christmas funds. I don't want to worry I want to make it fun, Lets just enjoy Christmas & family without getting into a spiralling debt !

So I thought I'd give you a few pointers from my own experience & what I plan to do this year.

DON'T Do :

  • Don't do it on Credit: Yay it seems like a fabulous idea two weeks before Christmas, but you'll be paying it off for the next year. Then it will be Christmas again.
  • Don't over spend.
  • Don't just buy presents for people for the sake of it.... 
  • Do search around for the best deal.
  • I say don't be afraid to go second hand... especially for Children
  • Handmade can be the best!
  • Shop the Summer Sales! 
This year is going to be very handmade & very loving... I plan to write a list of everyone whom I am buying gifts for & write a few bits about their personality. 

Make little bags & pop a few little gifts in:

For examples

Heart keyring
Bath bomb from Lush 
Jar of make your own Hot chocolate
Small pretty handmade Candle
1: Heart Keyring, 2 : Lush bath bomb, 3 : Hot chocolate in a jar,  4 : Hand made candle.

I'll tell you why I love these ideas: Heart keyring... Pretty simple to make I'll do a blog for you to make one too. So Cute too! 

The Lush bath bomb I went into Lush yesterday & almost bought the whole shop.

The Hot Chocolate in a Jar. Super cute... I've also seen Victoria sponge in a jar too.

The Candle in a tea cup... could this be any cuter? 

Go on give it ago ...

I'll be doing updates to my Christmas shopping keep an eye out. 


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