Pumpkin making

Pumpkin making with my little pumpkin & witch - 
It's Emilyns preschool Halloween party today so to celebrate we've decided to curve our pumpkin. 
Emilyn & Hugos Nanna gave them this pumpkin last night & they were super excited! It felt just like Christmas. 
Both of them decided to put their fancy dress clothes on to curve the pumpkin & I was surprised to see Hugo could still fit into last years Pumpkin outfit! Yay! 
Look at the size difference aww!! 

Hugo specially loves the pumpkin. 
Hugo & Emilyn had a bowl of popcorn to keep them amused whilst I curved the pumpkin. 
Emilyn wanted mr Pumpkin to have heart eyes! 
Hugo kept kissing him ! 
Ta-Da a proud Hugo with Mr Pumpkin
They can't wait for Halloween!! 
Love Hugo's grumpy pouting face... 

We are ready for Halloween now!! 


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