Talipes Toddler Sleeping Issues?

The question a lot of Talipes Mummies seem to be asking...
"Is my baby sleeping badly because he is wearing his boots & bar or would he still be sleeping badly if he had his feet free?"

Well my response used to be. Perhaps your baby would be sleeping badly even with feet free.
But now I'm not sure.

Hugo is almost 21 months old. He sleeps in a full size single bed with bed guard. His sleeping at night is turning almost non existent.

I think I'm slowly but surely turning back into a Mummy Zombie. Forgetting things... *Fortunately remembering where my children are... But trying to put the cereal in the fridge & the milk in the dishwasher & the baby in the washing machine?!?! Joking of course about the baby & washing machine part; of course of course!!

Last night seems really quite Comical now thinking back to it. With my M.E i'm not joking I really must be asleep latest by 9pm ish otherwise by the end of the week I'm a mess. The thing is to explain about M.E is the relapse process is quite slow it can take a few days for my body to realise *Hang on here I'M EXHAUSTED & therefor can not get out of bed!

So it was 9:30pm & Hugo awakes... Sleepy boy I gave him a cuddle & put him back into bed. Watching him twist & turn to try & comfy himself was as painful to watch as it was for him to try to get comfy.

A few moments later Emilyn's awake. Hugo only wants Mummy Mummy Mummy & you've guessed it Emilyn only wants Mummy Mummy Mummy. Brilliant! I can't split me in two!?

I manage to put Hugo in my bed & go to try & calm Emilyn she's demanding to sleep on our bedroom floor. Cracking I thought. Humph. I suppose she isn't little forever.
I put her on the floor at the end of our bed.

A while later in the pitch black I hear "Mummy Mummy I'm stuck under your bed. Help Mummy I'm stuck under your bed" She sounded VERY panicked..
I knew she in-fact was not stuck under my bed.... Her head wouldn't fit under the bed.
I turned the light on & low & behold Emilyn was sat up... But scared.... So moved her round to Mr. H's side of the bed.... & then moments later *BANG* she banged her head into the Chest of drawers....

OK OK sleep my side on the floor please just sleep.

All whilst this has been going on Hugo is trying to roll here & roll there each time getting his boots & bar stuck. Its hard enough having a toddler in bed with you let alone a toddler wearing big shoes & a metal bar.

My back, My poor back. Then bang right in my head. OUCH!

What to do?

then its 5:30am & they are AWAKE! AWAKE! It's technically still night times is it not?

Really it's like we are in a comedy show I just started Laughing.... Mr.H wasn't too impressed but humour is definitely better than crying or moaning about it... My Children must just understand I will get my own back when they are hung over 20 somethings....Sleeping till midday.

I just can't see Hugo's sleep getting better at the moment. I have such a dislike for his boots & bar....



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