The death of our Chicken

In simple man terms yes our Chicken died today.
But in the terms of my 4 year old daughter this is the death of her first ever pet.
It's easy for us to say "oh it's just a chicken..." For Emilyn its the start or the beginning of Questions A LOT of questions.

Violet passed away sometime this morning between 10am & 11:30am, We knew she was poorly & we've been treating her with medication praying she would get better...
Today saw the day that was the end of poor Violet.
I didn't really know how to explain to Emilyn that her beloved Chicken had died.
She hasn't really experienced death apart from her Great Grandad. That was distressing enough & she still talks about him.

Unfortunately / fortunately  Grandad came down to see us & just blurted out to Emilyn that the Chicken was dead. Typical man thing to do. I know she needed to be told, I just didn't want it to be like that.
She didn't really understand what he meant... it didn't help that last weekend we visited a very well known chicken restaurant Emilyn called it 'Chicken world' where you go to eat Chickens.

I sat her down & told her calmly that Violet had died earlier.... Que. a few tears & her then asking to see her.
I took her down where Violet was in the box sleeping soundly.

"Mummy why is she dead? why isn't she moving? Can I stroke her? Oh she looks so sad mummy"....
Emilyn & I said a little prayer blew her a kiss & prayed for all her chicken friends. Then went back inside.

The next few hours she was very up & down with emotion. She would be happily playing with her toys & suddenly say "I miss Violet mummy." "I'm so so so Sad Violet is dead"

When Nanna popped in to say hello after she had finished work Emilyns face dropped & they had a huge conversation about death.
Emilyn kept repeatedly asking why Violet had died... & asking if we all will die one day?

It amazed me just how much these little people know. She asked if Grandad would die & we said one day when he's very old... to which she replied talking about her Grandad from Norfolk with grey hair has died & he was very poorly too just like Violet & they are happy having a party up in heaven with all their friends.

We cuddled most of the afternoon tears kept running down her face... Emilyn doesn't like to be sad she kept saying "my eyes are leaking mummy make them stop"

My poor poppet. We will be having a 'burial service' for Violet tomorrow. Emilyn seems very confused but its understandable.

She's already decided we must go to the Chicken shop to buy a new chicken she actually wants a Cockerel so we get baby chicks. Well we will see.

R.I.P little Violet.


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