Advent Window number 9 : Christmas Tree oh Christmas TREE! A real Tree for Christmas


Advent window 9

We bought our first real Christmas tree as a family of four today.
I was brought up with real Christmas trees I never really knew pretend ones existed? Why would I of? 
The christmas tree is the main part of decorating (I think) Forget all the fancy lights on your house. The tree is where the family gathers on Christmas day & generally stays around it for the following few days. 

Heres' a few points to putting up the perfect tree:

Putting up the perfect Christmas tree

  • Work your room’s colour scheme into your tree decorations alongside another complementary colour
  • Lights come in a variety of shapes, colours and themes but clear work best as they don’t detract from ornate decorations.. We still chose coloured (Emilyn's choice)
  • Make sure your lights’ wire matches the colour of your tree
  • Always put your lights on the tree first and switch them on as you dress your tree, working from the bottom to the top.
  • Baubles are a classic and can look really effective when different sizes are scattered around the tree
  • Making your own decorations is fun and inexpensive not to mention a great way for the kids to get involved
  • Shaped iced biscuits with threaded string look cute, as do homemade ribbons on the end of branches scattered through the tree
  • Get the children involved! Emilyn & Hugo LOVE decorating the Christmas tree & so what if every decoration is on each branch???

This is our Christmas tree 

Emilyn helping

Emilyn wanted to hang her 'cow' on the tree

Emilyn put the angel on the top

Hugo put a smaller angel on another branch

I love collecting decorations 
Emilyn helping Daddy put the angel on top


My new pin cones

Happy Advent


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