Christmas Eve VS UK Storm flooded house

Power cut plus no sleep for over 24 hours.... Tends to send you over the edge. 

It's so frustrating I had this Christmas superbly planned out down to all the extra bought batteries for the loud crazy toys for the children. 
For us though this Christmas won't be spent in our newly built home. Nor will it be spent at my parents. For their house is well & truly flooded. I spent 12 wasted hours cleaning it over the weekend for the arrival of my Gran. You the typically trying to make this Christmas perfect. Well with the whole of the downstairs flooded & the power out in both houses as well as all the villages around is too it seems. 
Christmas for many people will be ruined. 
The past couple of days have been the most surreal overwhelming experience I've had / we've had for a while. 
It all started Christmas Eve Eve 23rd Dec 2013 - the storm was getting bad after a very wet & windy day. Around 8pm my Dad came over & said the lounge was flooding. We can (just about) cope with the lounge flooding it happens a lot. A lot a lot. But we cope this however wasn't the (norm) no way no way!
Around 11pm I text my little sister asking if she was ok? & asked if the house was ok. She then inform me about the power cut. You know that feeling the storm getting worse you can hear the trees blowing around the rain bashing down on the roof. 
About 12:30am our house alarm started Mr.H & I looked at each other "what on earth is that?" Neither of us knew what the alarm was & we didn't like it either. 
We decided then to abandon ship! We picked up our sleepy babies & ran through the driveway to my parents house. By this point the lounge was a sea of water..
We set up camp in my younger sisters room. E still had her toddler bed in her old room she went straight to sleep. But Mr.H,Hugo & I tried desperately to sleep... But with the storm screaming & worried for our house & my parents. Sleep just wasn't going to happen. 
Roll on 4 hours... I heard the front door go. I then hear my parents talking "the waters getting in the conservatory now, have we any more torches?" 
Que Mr.H & I... With our trusty iPhone torches we went to see how we could help. 
Luckily we had put all the Christmas presents on the dining table thank god we did they would of all been ruined otherwise... 
Water coming in from every corner after about an hour of trying to save the house we gave up. The most surreal thing I couldn't get my head around it. It's Christmas Eve I just saying but in reality it felt like something from the Titanic!! Mr.H & Dad went to our house to check the alarm out. It was a pressure alarm basically with my parents house flooding in the electric cupboard our house went into panic mode... Whilst the men were doing that my Mum & I tried to rescue old photos from the flooded lounge. 
We can loose books & toys & DVDs but you can't replace 40 years of photographs. 
We tried to go back to sleep... It didn't work. At 5:30 the little people were awake & we decided to make a dash back home... Thank goodness for my candle obsession, I made the house look lovely. Inside Mr.H & I felt physically sick Christmas Eve my bum! I tried to go back to sleep but it didn't work. 

8am we all woke to find the chaos. Water in some places deeper than my wellies! 
I was in need if caffeine so we decided to try to get to a coffee house... Impossible we were stuck in our village flooding had caused mayhem & the trees down was awful. We've got an Audi TT this sports can is not getting through any large puddles let alone lakes! 
Below picture is normally just a field ! 

We tried 3 different routes out of our village all failed miserably ! 
We got back home & how thankful for our little camper van was I ! 
Hot coffee! Strong hot coffee! 

Whilst drinking coffee & mopping the house trying to unblock the drain to get the water moving it was a hectic day! 

To cheer the children up later after lunch we let the children open a few Christmas presents. We knew we probably wouldn't be staying home for Christmas but knew we couldn't take all the presents with us either. They had fun it cheered us all up.

Thankfully we've been able to stay in a huge 11 bedroom house in the countryside it was numerous playrooms huge kitchen & acres of outside land. This is where we are spending our Christmas. Actually it's really lovely. The children slept in bunkbeds last night & Father Christmas came to visit them. We are now waiting to open the Christmas presents that are here. 
It's got creepy quirky things like this - which I LOVE!  & a huge stair case ... 

A playroom ... 

The house is so big I get lost, have you seen the film 'The Shining?' Ha this house has corridors like that. Emilyn is riding this trike round it I'm half expecting her to say "Red Rob" with her little finger in that creepy voice ( only people who know the film will understand ) 
Merry Christmas all you wonderful people. 
You know me always to make a best situation out of something awful. 
Opening their stockings this morning.

Have a fabulous Christmas & a happy new year! 


  1. Oh Bex!!! :( The weather here was awful too, we've had power cuts left right and centre, and the force of the storm had smashed our window but nothing like this! I hope everything settles soon and I'm glad you're all safe. Happy Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2014 xxx

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you had to spend your Christmas like that. I hope the New Year has given you a break. I read from one of your latest posts that the weather hasn’t improved yet, but at least you got your power back on. I trust that the drying out will start soon.

    Gail Wallace



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