The nerves the night before Hugo's appointment

Boots and bar heart 

Hugo has his foot appointment tomorrow,  You'd think I would be used to them by now. But it's the never ending worry. Hugo has an appointment every three months, At his last appointment we had pretty good news, Hugo's left leg,hip & foot is still over corrected but they brought his boot in further you can refresh your memory here -  'positive news from Hugo's latest check up'
Boots and bar 

I think because they brought his boot in, I'm nervous to see if there is an improvement. 
Also if there isn't any improvement; then what? 

I know with all the other fellow Happy Feet parents we all get this nervous sick feeling the day before... 

I literally will lose sleep over it, I know what will be will be & I can't change anything in 24 hours. 

I'm a Mum I suppose its natural to worry about our smalls.
Boots and bar Ponseti 


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