Our Day at The Baby Show

Today we spent the day at The Baby Show in Excel London. What a day! It was truly fabulous.  Here I'm going to show you my best bits of the day!

Walking to the Excel centre Baby Show 

We started at the Mamas & Papas stand I totally fell in love with the new Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo2 RRP £479, right there and then I fell for the fox. What an absolute CUTIE ! You can find the Special Edition Donna Wilson - Foxleaf Toy 
Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo2
Hugo loves the fox.
Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo2

Next we went over to take a sneaky look at the iCandy Raspberry. Oh my goodness. Its BEAUTIFUL! - I had a good look at it & a full demonstration. The iCandy lady was lovely & explained just how good this buggy is. Granted it has a suspiciously similar look to the Bugaboo Bee,  However its seems to be so much more than the Bee Plus. The Storage is fab with a secret compartment. The seat is comfy. Hugo gave it a thumbs up! You can pre-order the iCandy Raspberry from HERE - Suitable from Birth The option of lie-flat position allows the Raspberry to be used from birth without the need of a carrycot. Flavour pack includes hood and harness pads, they are sold separately RRP of the Raspberry £420.00
iCandy Raspberry
iCandy Raspberry
We sat & watched The Baby Show Maternity & Baby Fashion show at 11am. It was so much fun. Emilyn & Hugo loved seeing all the babies & tots walking the catwalk. The clothes were 'adorable' as Emilyn said.

The Baby Show Fashion show 

As we went to find the toilets... Emilyn was busting! we bumped into the fairy god mother! - You can see by Emilyn's head she wasn't very impressed. She kept saying "But my fairy godmother isn't real. I didn't know you were REAL!"
Fairy Godmother
Hugo was a little more excited to see the real fairy godmother...
Fairy Godmother

As you go round the show. The Bumpkins babies they are on the search for the next baby to win a modelling contract with Truly Scrumptious, We also booked ourselves a Family photoshoot for July at a discount too good to miss.

Hugo's cheeky photo

They say ...
 "Here at Bumpkins, baby and family photography is our business. We pride ourselves in creating incredible images and
an experience that you and your family won’t forget. We know that every baby that has the Bumpkins treatment will love it, so will you. We also know that happy babies mean happy families.
We like to think of our service as ‘affordable luxury’. We’ve been told that our photos are some of the best in town, but we can guarantee you they won’t cost the earth. Everyday our expert team looks after a handful of little Bumpkins and works our magic so if you’re looking for cute baby photos, fun family snaps or memorable photos of your children, we guarantee to amaze you."
Emilyn's cheeky photo
Cheeky Family Photo.

Activity Zone

Shall I say it? Yes ok I will.. I was BLOWN AWAY by Cosatto's CAR SEATS! Oh my goodness, we have the Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro Car seats similar style to the Cosatto's but well you must of heard their motto - something similar to ... Trying to rid the world of boring baby stuff ! Well they sure are succeeding! Definitely "Baby Stuff With Personality"
Emilyn trying the Cosatto Troop Car seat out.
Troop car Seat RRP £220

One of the Cosatto stands

As we walked round the show. It's babies & bumps galore. (My favourite environment) felt so at home. Don't get The Baby Show tickets if you can't stand seeing babies! thats for sure. 

The Maxi Cosi Stand STOOD OUT with their amazing new Colours. This diamond effect I LOVE IT 

Maxi Cosi Axis 
Just when I've told myself we aren't ever going to have any more babies I see this PEBBLE in the same design.... Lusting after this !!...
Maxi Cosi Pebble.

talking about NEVER HAVING ANY MORE BABIES... This HIGHCHAIR is enough to change my mind. Oh my goodness.. Now Those of you that don't know the company Mima click here NOW
I fell in-love with their pushchairs about 2 + years ago but couldn't justify spending the pounds on it at that moment of our life. When I walked past these today. Mind blowing. It doesn't even look like a high chair?!? You could imagine this in an ultra stylish home.
The Mima Moon Highchair
Mima Moon Highchair 
It's available for Pre-order NOW  I love that it grows with your infant - from baby - toddler - child.
Mima Moon highchair

Stokke has one of the most impressive scandinavian thinking. A Giant Table & Chairs. This must be what a baby feels like. the cup is the size of my head if not BIGGER!
Giant Stokke trip trap high chair.

Quinny stand - We had a fun time trying out the new Yezz It is super lightweight & Hugo loved it. *I couldn't actually get him out of it. The Quinny sales assistant was fabulous too. RRP £175 You can take a look HERE
Quinny Yezz
Then we tried out the new Zapp Extra what a brilliant little buggy this is too ! You can find it at your local Mothercare Normal RRP £275

Quinny Zapp Extra
Then it was time I finally met the lovely lady who I worked with whilst I was the Quinny Caster in 2013, After emailing her for the past year it was lovely to finally meet her in person. 
After having a good catch up & talking about my Quinny Moodd, i was telling her all about the new Quinny Yezz next thing she told me to hold that thought... off she went & came back out with my very own Quinny Yezz! I was completely taken by shock. Good shock of course! It was a lovely surprise. I almost cried in fact! I can't wait to put it through its paces in an upcoming review.
Quinny Yezz 
Keep your eyes peeled for a very thorough review about the Yezz. Quinny in the City.

Hugo in his new Quinny Yezz & Emilyn in her Bugaboo Buffalo
It was almost time to leave The Baby Show. But to round it up nicely we had a quick stop off at Funky Giraffe of course.

Funky Giraffe 
A perfect Model for Funky Giraffe 

Funky Giraffe

Both Buggies in the boot.

Hugo was fast asleep before we even left the car park !

There was plenty more I could tell you about. My camera is full of photos. But this is a pretty perfect selection of my favourite bits from today. 
You can book tickets to the next Baby Show HERE
NEC Birmingham is next from 16-18 May 2014
Then Olympia Kensington 24-26 October 2014

Get yourself to the next Baby Show honestly you won't regret it. 

*Please note : Disclaimer : - This is not a paid review, I just wanted to share my day with you. 

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