Peppa Pig muddy puddles pancakes!

Emilyn was so excited!
Happy shrove Tuesday it's finally pancake day. ! We have started the day today with special Muddy Puddle chocolate pancake mix. I saw it in our local supermarket for just £1 I thought it would be perfect to cheer the little ones up.
Muddy puddle chocolate pancake mix 
Do you remember my last weeks pancake post? Perfect pancakes with princes fruit fillings they were to die for & not sickly in the slightest! 

All you need to do is add milk & SHAKE!
Shake the mix
Shaking the mix

Cooking the pancake
Marshmallows - bananas & Chocolate pancakes

Bananas & chocolate pancakes

Enjoying their pancakes for breakfast
Pancakes shrove tuesday with Peppa pig.

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  1. Which supermarket did you buy this pancake mix from? If you don’t mind me asking.



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