Happy Easter - Egg Hunt in the house Easter Bunny

Happy Easter - Egg Hunt in the house Easter Bunny 


Helping the easter bunny last night

I grew up with the easter bunny coming, he would hop through our house leaving cadburys creme eggs everywhere. With my two sisters & I running around the house there would always be that last egg none of us would find.... well until the following year when we find it & it had half melted..

As my two are still young & we don't live in a massive house I thought it would be better to do the picture game & with eggs. They started with a bag of eggs & a picture by our bed & then they had to go picture to picture to area of house... 

It worked really well.

Later on I'm hoping it stays dry enough for us to have an egg hunt in the garden or we may do that tomorrow. 

We've not really got much planned for today apart from seeing family, going to church & then chilling out. 

Tomorrow should be fun though off to a farmers market & big vintage jumble sale I'm excited !! 

Finished the easter egg hunt 

Yummy chocolate for breakfast ...  

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