Swim Swim Swim & West Central Cafe Review Easter Holidays day 10

Today we went to Redhill (I grew up in Reigate) so I still have friends in the area. 
We decided to take the children swimming, To Donyings, I learnt to swim in that swimming pool & now I'm teaching E to swim in the very same pool. 

West Central 

Beware when you go to the toilets this guy is in there too! 

Swim Swim Swim 

Before we went swimming we needed lunch & we found this fabulous cafe/coffee shop called West Central. It was like being in Brighton not Redhill... The coffee was amazing the lunch was amazing & it had a play area for the little ones. Couldn't of asked for anything better really.
West Central 

West Central

West Central coffee shop
 Then we walked to Donyings - Emilyn & Hugo had a little bit of spending money & so E bought herself some new goggles. She loves her goggles.
The pool was pretty much EMPTY its Easter Holidays !. CRAZY! -
but being empty was good. The children actually began to trust the water. 
it was amazing. 
Hugo was jumping here there & everywhere too. 
Playing on the froggy floats. 
I had my two best friends & my sister with me thus meaning I was able to sneak off to the adult pool & actually have a SWIM! It was amazing. I miss swimming so much. 

Emilyn & Hugo with Emma

Aunty Rach with Hugo & his goggles...

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