Lazy Exercise

Since becoming a Mummy I admit I became extremely lazy towards exercise, I lost my baby weight quite quickly & I was breastfeeding (I believe it helped a lot) 
So I am a size 6-8 body frame,
I eat well three healthy meals a day& lots of fruit & veg.
But I never felt I had energy & I was lacking motivation. 
I wanted to tone up I wanted to get rid of my wobbly bits.
I was always on the go with my children I hadn't really crossed my mind that as i'm getting older if I wish to stay in shape I should probably start doing something about it -
well that was just over two months ago & I wanted to share my exercising tips with you guys. 
I generally incorporate it in with getting ready in the mornings... 
Just 30 minutes a day & sometimes in the evening instead of sitting on the sofa I'll get up & do a small workout.

My key areas are my Tummy & Bum/legs...
So this works for me.
Then I added in some exercises from Youtube....

I do this everyday & it feels so worth it when you start seeing results. 
Obviously with a healthy diet & general walking/exercise too. 

Before I had my babies I would go to the gym 4-6 times a week spent £50 a month subscription 

I recommend getting some weights if you are planning on doing home exercise & remember to do your warm up first you don't want to be stiff tomorrow...

Holiday body here we come..!

30 day squat & ab challenge

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