Boutique Home – 10 steps to creating your boutique space by Sue McGregor

‘Boutique Home – 10 steps to creating your boutique space’ is the new book from interior designer Sue McGregor of Interior Statements Ltd.
 The book allows you to let a professional guide you every step of the way, while you develop a 10 step plan to create the home you really want and deserve. There is expert advice on all aspects, from colour to finishes; furniture to lighting; and planning the work on site.
You’ll also follow a case study, with gorgeous images, that will inform and inspire you.

Sue McGregor is an inspirational designer with over 25 years of international experience. She is known for her ability to work with fine artists, skilled craftsmen and distinctive materials to produce exquisite and custom-made solutions for her clients - hoteliers and homeowners alike. Her website is:
Boutique Home – 10 steps to creating your boutique space by Sue McGregor
What I thought?
I of course loved it! Hugely recommend it, I'm a huge fan of step by step books to help me perfect my house interior. Sue does this beautifully, by showing you just how easy it is to make something a bit quirky & add that little bit of magic without breaking the bank. Boutique doesn't have to mean pricey! 
Sue McGregor
This book will show you that you too can create anything a bit boutique chic with any type of budget. 
Boutique Home is fabulous as it has a step by step guide full of fanatic advice. It's super easy to follow, It's a perfect book to just pick up & read in the evening to give you that inspiration you need to finish off the garden or bathroom. 
It's my bedtime reading at the moment I really really love it.
Even if your not 'into' interior design this book really will interest you! 

This book was launched at Waterstones on High Street Kensington on 18th March.

Boutique Home is available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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