Busy in the Garden

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much. The weather has been beautiful here in Sussex so this only means one thing: The garden needs to be sorted. 
We spent all day saturday clearing this area... it was so over grown & now my poor legs & arms look as if jack the ripper has had hold of me. Good job I like to get stuck in! 
After living here for a year - YES WE've been living here for a year now. 
The garden has been left to well become a mud bath to say it lightly....
So thankful we have our large decking area to keep us amused in
urgh the mud is gross. 
How expensive is garden stuff too! 
There's a long list of things we need :
Chicken wire
Garden bench

Once again I know what I WANT to create the garden into. 
It will look magical when its finished & with funds being tight it'll probably take years to look the way I want it too.

We ordered our Patio at the weekend our garden is a strange shape & quite a lot of land to do up...
our patio for our outside table & chairs will be similar to this...

We are dividing the garden up for the chickens to be at the very end & i'll fence them in, They're getting far too brave & keep going where they shouldn't be!
So i managed to order chicken wire from amazon much much cheaper than the garden centres were selling it for! 

Can't call it much of a garden ... YET.

So i'm sorry I've been quiet but we are total outdoorsy family & we've been busy. 

Exciting few weeks coming up I'll keep you all posted.!! 

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