Car broke down on our Date Night

You know when you start the evening & nothing seems to be going to plan? 
Yep this was us.

Yesterday was quite a nice day with the little people, started with ballet then popped to the local charity shop & the little people got a 50p lucky bag filled with necklaces & pretty things.

We got home & played cars watched peter pan had a lovely day.

I had signed up to the Natwest Cashback I wanted to trade up my points for cinema tickets - this was easier said than done, I found the whole website confusing there was no real instructions. I traded up my money for cineworld points got a code & then nothing? I went to buy our tickets to go see Chef & couldn't check out with the code that was given to me... Now looking into Natwest Cashback further it looks like I'll be sent a booking code? or something within 10days? It wasn't just me confused either Mr.H (He's better at computers than me) couldn't work it out either.

I gave up the whole cinema experience idea & we decided to just go to The Harvester, The children then started crying pulling at my legs saying "Please don't leave us mummy"... urgh... 

Couldn't wait to have some peace with just my husband. 

(We have a lot of cars in the drive) Mr.H is using one of our spare cars at the moment whilst his Audi TT is having the MOT done, Mr.H's spare car was the last one out so instead of bothering the children again we decided to jump in the little MX5 she's 24 years old but a good all rounder fun sports car. (currently for sale) 

Off we went just 20 miles away to one of our closest Harvesters... we detoured to collect my new painting & apple crate for my house (I'll talk about them later) 

anyways driving along & out of no where this red water BLOOD comes splattering ALL OVER the windscreen 
WHAT THE HECK is that?????????
Have we just squashed a Pheasant???
Have we killed someone? 

Not thinking a great deal of it it's an old car perhaps rust i said... after laughing our heads of at the thought of a poor innocent animal hanging on the front of the car for dear life (we live in the country)
(I don't condone killing poor innocent animals...) 

A little strange but we didn't see anymore (BLOOD) (RUST)

We arrived in the car park & had a pleasant dinner LOVE the salad bar at the harvester.

After eating far too much & feeling like i'd eaten a whole cow we walked to find the car. 
Then I asked to pay the bill the lady came over & said "How much would you like to pay?"
I was like ... all of it please? well unless your giving me a discount? 
I presumed not....
She thought it was like our first date... I was so tempted to say no he's my husband & we have two children at home. 

Started the car started reversing & CRUSH! 
What the EFF was that? 
I know we are in a (Chavvy) part of town but really to put a glass behind our back wheel? (THANKS FOR THAT)
We had ran over glass luckily our wheels are OK. 

But was that telling us something? 
That we shouldn't start driving back home? That the Rust was a warning sign? 

Anyways I moved the glass out the way & started going home (We popped into ASDA for milk quickly a fun experience for me...)

10 mins into driving & the bonnet of the car is steaming LOTS.

I look over at the instruments & see the water gage is BOILING.

Mr.H pull over - PULL OVER NOW...
Pulled over & lifted the bonnet steam pouring out the radiator... Uh oh. 

We tried to get as far away from the road as we could standing next to the A road with cars doing 70mph + isn't much fun. 

I so totally think it's KARMA we have driven past people broken down here so many times & Mr.H has always made a snigger or a funny comment... 

Broken down
Now who's broken down???! 
& boy did people LAUGH at us standing by the side of the road. 
It did remind me of the Inbetweeners Bus W*nkers (Google source)
Swap the bus to broken down car W*nkers....

Thank goodness it was sunny & not pouring with rain. 
Converses broke down
It was actually nice to watch the Sunset with Mr.H 

I just wish I had peed at ASDA before breaking down... I so needed the toilet.!! 
I kept doing the wee wee dance... ha it kept me warmer too! 
Sunset picture 

Hey it adds to our memories. 
We've never broken down at the side of the road together. 
I have however broken down on this road before in my first year of driving!!

My Dad came the the rescue - we just needed more water.
I am with the AA but as I phoned Dad he knew what was wrong. 

We got home in the end. 

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