Hugo's first Eye Test 26/06/14

The time has come when Hugo needed his eyes tested. 
A moment that I had been slightly panicked over... not of course that'd I'd mind if he had to wear glasses but I just you know it's another thing to sort out.
We arrived on time & the lady looked briefly at Hugo's eyes & then put eye drops in.

Then it was Emilyn's turn for her eyes to be tested...
Hugo kept laughing at her whilst she had to wear this unique nutty professor eye kit...

She is a bit of a pro at the whole eye test thing now & she was amazing. 
She still needs to wear her glasses but the good news is they are no worse than they were. 
So we are happy! 

Then it was Hugo's turn... I didn't take any photo's as he was on my lap.
He was amazing though & done everything & more correctly I was so proud! He's really growing up.

His eyes are long sighted but he doesn't need glasses at the moment however they'd like to test his eyes regularly. 

SO good news all around I'd say! 

We then had to drive all the way to Horsham - our opticians is in Bognor Regis almost an hour away..
Emilyn disliked all the glasses at the opticians we were at.
Off to Specsavers we go always a pleasure for sure to see Specsavers & I love that we get sun glasses for free too!
Emilyn picked the gruffalo ones

Emilyn in her new glasses

Hugo trying on some sunglasses

I think Hugo was a bit sad that he doesn't need glasses at the moment - I remember when i was small I all I ever wanted was glasses to match my mummy...

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