My Birthday!!

Birthday card from the little ones. 

Yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY! I like to do a brief blog post about my birthdays as I seem to forget them quite quickly!

This time last year we were in MIAMI! how quickly has this year gone?
I can't moan though the sun is shining beautifully here today & we are really making the most of our outside space.

For this years Birthday we had planned to have the day in London, be real tourists! however reality was I was exhausted! The idea of taking the children on the train was just hell to me....

We agreed on Breakfast out & then a few hours at a lovely country park close to us, we also took the little ones bikes. PERFECT!
My Birthday

Emilyn also learnt how to start & stop on her bike all by herself! Very happy Mummy!!

Then we got home & I opened my presents ! 

We are going to DISNEYLAND! Mic booked Disneyland for me! Well it will be next year but he put the booking confirmation letter in my birthday card! So cute! 
Off to DISNEY!

New photo frames - next plan is to start the Photo wall in our bedroom! 

Aero Birthday CAKE !

My Aero Birthday CAKE!

I also got a beautiful bracelet, a few necklaces, my FIRST pair of converses ! Love them! A new Cath Kidston purse it's beautiful!. Some money, a beautiful pashmina & a few other bits... I've also got a new car on its way ... well new to me car...But I don't think I can call that a birthday present as we're in the car trade... I'm excited though!!

New photo frames - next plan is to start the Photo wall in our bedroom! 

 Then we had a family meal & watched a few films. A perfect day for me. Now back to reality!

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