Our day at London Zoo

On Thursday 12th June we took a trip to London Zoo. 

It was a sweltering day really really hot.

I decided to drive ... WHY? 

In the process of driving to London Zoo, my satnav died half way there... last week one of my gorgeous children decided it would funny to put a penny in my cigarette lighter. Ahha it fused my charger... 
Anyways then we hit London traffic
Almost getting squashed by a Bus & then the mopeds weaving in & out of traffic...
Oh my gosh It was stressful & I thought getting on a train would be hard. 

However once we arrived after sitting in nearly two hours of boiling hot stand still traffic we arrived & we had the BEST day! 

The Gorilla at the beginning with Emilyn & Hugo

Mummy & E
Mummy & baby sloth 

The whole main reason we went to visit the Zoo on thursday was mainly to see this little baby SLOTH. We love sloths & to see a baby was amazing...
ZSL London Zoo has welcomed its first ever baby sloth, after a very surprise pregnancy. Zookeepers were dealt a huge surprise in the Rainforest Life exhibit at ZSL London Zoo when female sloth Marilyn was found to be pregnant – as they didn’t even know the male and female had mated.

Mummy & baby Sloth
Butterfly tunnel
Going through the butterfly tunnel was amazing to see all these beautiful butterflies the colours were amazing too.

Butterflies in london zoo
Emilyn & Hugo being monkeys 
 Then we done the monkey walk through... (We had to leave the buggy outside) incase we accidentally took a monkey home with us. I love the idea of driving home & a monkey jumping out the boot!
Monkeys at London Zoo

Emilyn watching the penguins 

 This little anteater was running around the rainforest area completely free rein - So of course Hugo thought it'd be a good idea to run up to him & stroke him whilst attempting to PICK HIM UP!... the two zoo keepers shouted to get him to stop & leave the anteater alone... apparently he can be quite grumpy & could lash out at people! scary!
The anteater Hugo wanted to take home. 

Emilyn fell in love with this little RAT! She now wants a rat...

Hugo in the play area london zoo

Hugo in the splash area..

Hugo swimming in the splash area

finally we went to see the Giraffes & Zebras.

After a hell of a journey home.... we had an amazing day & couldn't of asked for better weather or better behaved children. 

It was fabulous go to London Zoo!! 

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