Recap Build-it with Squash Blocs Review & the New Camping Set Mulberry Bush

Camp Set & Squash Blocs with Mulberry Bush 

It's been over 6 weeks now that we've had the Squash Blocs, they have been fabulous & been brought out on every occasion... especially when we have had guests over to play. They turn into the highlight of the day! With the endless things to build the children's imagination goes into over drive. It's fascinating to see. You can read our full review HERE

They built a dance floor & danced all morning 

Dancing on the dance floor

Hugo built a fort & kept hiding...

Pretend & Play Camp Set

We set up camp in their bedroom too!

For the next 6 weeks we have this Fabulous Camping Set to review... Just how perfect is that. We've been practically living in our woods building dens after dens. This camping set couldn't of come at a better time. As we have only just received it i'll briefly tell you our first impressions & then in a few weeks I'll give you the proper review like I did with the Squash Blocs
Exploring the woods

Hugo's keeping hydrated 

The children are camping

We can't wait to share our full review with you
Emilyn loves the camping light

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