Roasting Marshmallows & Camping out in our woods

After Emilyn, Hugo & I built their dens & camping areas in the woods You can catch up here..
Emilyn & Hugo had put together their fire with sticks. 
We bought a 99p BBQ incase it was wet & therefor we wouldn't of been able to light their sticks..
Yes it was soaked no way could we of had a fire in the woods very easily... & without being dangerous. 

The BBQ was a perfect solution.

Whilst the children had their dinner I made the woods look pretty with candles in jars & put a spare mattress out with their fleeces so they can wrap up in them.
When they came into the woods they both said "Wow I love it! This is the best day ever"!
We put marshmallows on skewers & into the fire. The children LOVED this. 

I had some wafers too so we made shmors too!

It was just so relaxing having all four of us chilled out cooking marshmallows on a pretty saturday evening.

the candles around the woods

cooking marshmallows in the woods

yummy marshmallow 

We will totally have to do this again soon.

Emilyn was ready to go to sleep. she wants to camp in the woods now.

 I love the summer - I hope you're all keeping busy too! 

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