Shoe la la gifts‏ & hand blended Teas *review*

I was recently contacted by Aina to see if I was interested in trying her hand blended herbal tea & her hand painted tea cup. I love this like this, & when she explained  she gives her 3 year old & 6 month old some herbal tea to help with teething I thought it'd be perfect to try. 
I also love trying to help out new small businesses. 
Shoe lala gifts 
I received this tea cup & saucer all beautifully wrapped up.

To buy a cup & saucer is just £16 you can take a look on Etsy HERE

They can be a beautiful gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary + more...

You can buy personalised hand blended Tea from about £2.20

I loved the taste of my Tea (I do love herbal tea) 

It was all so beautifully packaged too !

How Aina started out - 
"It all started when I created art work for my son's nursery when I could not find what I wanted and then designed personalised art work for friends as a hobby.
Soon after I was searching for the perfect tea and dinner set and I could not find one that matched my personality and thought I would design my own. and it just so happen that it had shoes all over it :) 

Encouragement from friends lead me to craft markets and the interest in craft markets has lead me here. 

With regards to the natural products in my shop, I have always wanted to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle for my children and my myself but I did not know where to start. A friend then introduced me to a amber teething necklace for my little one and since then my thirsty for knowledge about natural products snowballed.

Its a wonderful natural world out there but I was unaware off. My interest lead me research herbs for teething and colds and then i started to blend my own teas for my children and myself and I have seen the benefits from helping them sleep better during the night to enhancing my mood and I have not looked back. I have never been one for taking loads of tables when im ill so this lifestyle feels like it was always meant to been I love that there is a natural remedy for most things. 

I just want to share all I have learnt in a creative, stylish, tasty healthy way."

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