They sleep Hurrah!

As you are probably aware if you follow my blog.. for the past 6 months neither of my two children have been sleeping very well since Christmas & all the floods, power cuts & house alarms going off. 
I had even seen my health visiter to ask for help. 
I was totally losing my mind over this. 
Sleep deprivation is a killer.

I knew I had to nip it in the bud sooner or later. 
They had become accustom to waking around 12 & asking for "Mummy's bed"
I had become so tired, I suppose I just gave up. I didn't hate having them in our room, However they were waking up tired & the tantrums were totally taking its toll on me & them throughout the day.
As we are on half term I knew once we got home from Menorca I had to sort them out.
We got home the Saturday & they slept through, A one off, you know they'll never do that again. 
The following night they both awoke & I was just too tired so off we all went back in to my room. 
The third night I had built up the courage, They awoke I laid them down again & left the room, They cried & cried & cried, It was awful. 
I went back in to see them & just told them I would be sleeping on the sofa then they calmed down within 20 minutes, Well Emilyn went quiet as soon as I told her i'd be asleep just next door.
I then slept all night, just knowing I was next door had calmed them down. 
The night after they woke up normal time, I went in told them I would be asleep on the sofa, they calmed down within 20 minutes. I didn't sleep on the sofa that night (they thought I did)

We had a few more nights like them then the 4th night THEY SLEPT ALL NIGHT.
No wake ups & they were so much happier in the day now they're having sleep. 
For the past 3 nights now they have slept all night. 

Hard work really does pay off. 
A huge improvement is also Hugo is keeping his boots and bar on all night!! 
Yes we have a hard time actually getting his boots and bar on at the beginning, And i'm sure this isn't the end of our 'bad nights' whilst he is in boots and bar, however it is a huge improvement. 

My babies CAN SLEEP. 

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