Today Hugo started Pre-School

What, When, How? Where has this time gone? It's totally & utterly FLOWN by...
So today is the day, It feels like yesterday I was typing up Emilyn's first day at Pre-school...
We collected Hugo's uniform yesterday & he was so proud carrying it down the path to our car,
carrying his uniform to the car 
this was Emilyn on her first day... April 2012
He was super excited, as was I & Emilyn... 
Both ready for school this morning 04/06/14

He was amazing & went in with no problems at all, holding his show & tell crocodile & snacks.
Off he went, Emilyn showed him to his tray & then sat on the mat with him, I wondered out that was it, his first day.

I had planned to meet a friend for coffee best to keep busy. It was so lovely to actually get that child free break. I was able to have a latte & a conversation without having my arm yanked off.

I thought I'd feel really strange like i'd lost a limb or something but it was nice, It's nice he will only go for two days to start with ease us into it gently. 

When it was time to collect him I was there 10 minutes early, Very aware that I didn't want to be late to collect them. 

It was so lovely I got a huge cuddle from them both. Hugo had this beaming smile across his face. Emilyn told me what he'd been up to. 
His teacher came over & said he'd been amazing, that Emilyn had clung to him at first but quickly they parted & played with their own groups of friends. Sounds like Hugo was outside most of the time. 

I then treated them to a celebratory lunch & currently Hugo is fast asleep next to me. Worn out. 

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