We are half way through Treatment Talipes

You've probably been following our Talipes journey if you haven't just click the TALIPES tab at the top of the page.
We have most definitely had our UPS & our DOWNS.
I am now excited to share with you that we are now officially (Fingers crossed) half way through treatment just another 2.5 years to go. I'm totally not wishing time away, not at all...
But having this half way point as it is makes me feel at ease. Like we have reached a target. A huge target & we as a family have come such a roller coaster journey.

Talipes Hugo boots and bar 

I want to reassure new happy feet mammas that although we do have the bad times, really bad times... they DO get better. Hugo is over 2 & a half now & he's able to wear his Boots and bar all night. we've come such a long way from broken sleep up every few hours to now him sleeping.

Ok so actually getting his boots on still is hard. Like at time I could very easily just walk out & I think over & over again "WHY ME, WHY HAS GOD CHOSEN THIS PATH FOR ME?"
It's like the tantrums to brush his teeth & yes at times I give up ok Hugo whatever this tantrum isn't worth the fight tonight... His boots however I can't back down not anymore, then he will throw his body all over the place, Mr.H is always at work at boots time so I have to do it by myself. Bribery has started to work... or I get him to chose his own bar as we have two that works quite well...
It's not easy & don't get me started on potty training with boots and bar.. OH MY GOSH!.

Then I think just what our life would be like if Hugo hadn't been born with Talipes & to be honest 100% honest we would still be in London & we definitely wouldn't of built out flat pack home
I wouldn't of met some of the most amazing inspirational ladies in my life.
I wouldn't of written my books. (They are on offer at the moment)
I wouldn't be blogging!
My life wouldn't be like this.

I in a very strange way am glad we have been picked for this journey. I absolutely love Hugo's happy feet (Oh gosh I'm going to start welling up)

I'm so proud to be his Mummy.

I've come such a long way from THIS I am so glad I have blogged through majority of the journey so far it's amazing to read back on how I was feeling back then to how I am now. I still cry reading it all back though.

We are half way through treatment. Halfway through. We can do this what's 2 & half years anyways...

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