Emilyn's last ever day at Pre-school.

Will actually be next Wednesday but I'll be in Italy so today is the last day that I will take her to Pre-school. The last day I will put her Pre-school uniform on.
The last day I will do her hair for Pre-school. 
The last day I will be with her in the Pre-school playground. 
The last day I will go to pick her up.

I am so proud of her, look at how much she has grown up.
Emilyn on her first day at preschool - 25/05/2012! & today 18/07/2014! 

Hugo was so funny this morning when I asked Emilyn for a photo he wasn't impressed ....

Might have something to do with being awake all night too due to that awful Thunder storm. 
I feel rotten today.

preschool Emilyn's last day.

Pre-school last day.

the next chapter in Emilyn's life will start in September at Primary School.
In her school uniform 

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