Today in a years time : 2014

Last year I wrote a post Today in a years time ok so I wrote the post on Monday 22nd April 2013, this year has flown by & I forgot how quickly it had gone, I love looking back to see what has happened.

Today is Monday 14th July 2014

What have I accomplished in the past year?

Well I wrote :

"What I am hoping the next year holds....

I would love to be doing a follow up blog post from my new house either inside or out.
I would love to have good news about Hugo, about all his problems but most of all good news about his feet.
I would love to have all my friends still around me & doing our weekly monday meet up (New Babies included)
I would love to have Hugo walking or even running...
I would love to have a Sunny Holiday booked...

I would love to be as Happy as i am today. If not Happier. If thats possible!"

I am now blogging from my new house (It's fully built)Video blog HERE  : at the moment I am blogging outside on the terrace. Beautiful. 
I have good news about Hugo He hasn't *Touch wood* needed any operations & his feet are doing really well. 
I still see my friends a lot.
Hugo is walking/running almost flying... 
Holiday's I've been to Miami & Menorca since typing up the last post.
*Shh I'm off to Italy at the weekend (Child Free)

I am totally happier it was possible. I'm extremely contented with life & loving every moment of it (Especially in the sunshine)

What did I do today?
last year i said "I spent the Morning with my favourite Girls. Having Tea, Biscuits & a catch up. They are both expecting their second babies. The rest of the day will be spent playing in the garden with the little people."
I'm spending  the morning with one of my Best friends in the garden chatting over coffee & lunch, I then willcpick my younger sister up(She is in the process of learning to drive) drop her home & then collect Emilyn from Pre-school we will then go to Rompers (church group for little ones) then back home to start getting ready for Italy (leaving Mr. H with the children I have been told to write lists after lists to help him)

What's the weather like? BOILING - 25degreess beautiful day.

Beautiful day

Where am I? Last year I said  "I am sitting in the Conservatory listening to Radio 1 Goldie by Rockie is playing
The Children playing nicely together," 
This year I'm currently sat on the decking looking into the woods. Listening to Radio 1 on my new DAB radio - With Mr.H sat next to me (He's on a late at work today)Hugo's asking me for a cuddle.

What am I wearing? Last year I said  "G-star Raw Jeans & a stripy top from Next." My G-star raw jeans are now in the bin after the zip breaking (I haven't worn jeans in forever) today i'm wearing a orange dress from the Topshop sale love a bargain.
Orange dress 

What am I drinking? Last year I said "Black Coffee" -  Coffee from our Tassimo machine.

What am I looking at? Last Year I said "Well I am looking at my apple mac. My new Iphone 5 arrived today too.. My Candy Cart is in the corner of the room aswell,"
 This year I'm still looking at the Apple Mac - my iPhone 5 next to me has now seen better days after the screen being smashed & repaired then smashed again.... 
Mac & coffee
What am I looking at?

What am I hoping the next year holds?

We've got a busy year coming up I would love to see our wedding renewal / blessing go to plan (I'm working my bum off to make it perfect.
I would love to see all my family close & far staying happy.
I would love to carry on making as many memories as we are doing.
I'm looking forwards to our trip to Disneyland in March.
I would love to have all my friends still in my life who are in my life today.
Emilyn will be starting Primary school in September I pray she loves it as much as she loves pre-school.
I'm hoping we would of finished our whole garden we have so much to do but i love doing it in stages. With money & time its great doing it ourselves.

new patio

I again want this coming year to be as good as last year & to be just as happy or happier.

Enjoy this beautiful day ---

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