Why 'renew' our vows ?

Our wedding day

Simple : what are our reasons behind having a blessing/renewing our vows... especially as we have only been married 3 & half years.

Those of you who don't know me I'll briefly explain our wedding day :

A very intimate wedding with just Mr.H & I, Emilyn who was 17 months old & our two best friends (+photographer) We had the smallest of small do's because for us we wanted to have a wedding to be married not have a wedding to throw a party at that specific moment of our life, to cut a long story short we had a rough start to the year & with a sudden loss of a close family member we realised just how short life is & we wanted to grab it with both hands. 

I didn't want the stress of a real wedding simples, The whole big white wedding thang just didn't appeal to me. 

Almost four years down the line with my little family complete Mr.H & I have decided now is the right time to 'get married' in front of our family & loved ones then throw a wonderful party after (I love being a party planner) 

I've heard people say "I just don't get why people renew their vows when they've only been married five minutes...." blah blah blah. 

Well we didn't really have the wedding at the start so it's a belated wedding & to celebrate to all our loved ones that we really are happily married. 

As it's not our real wedding day I don't have the stress I'm finding it all quite fun actually. 

I'm TOTALLY addicted to Pinterest my wedding day 

Our wedding day 

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