Bugaboo Buggies are all about parents. Diesel is all about fashion. What happens when the two worlds collide?

This : this is what happens.... The diesel Bugaboo is a contrast of Khaki, fashion, army print & a useable buggy. 
When Bugaboo & Diesel collide. 

It's all in the finer details.... I love :
The beauty is in the details. 

I love the handle bar look at the leather.

Diesel Bugaboo

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Diesel has been introduced!
The first Bugaboo by Diesel collection comes with a line of unique accessories that not only perfectly fit the Bugaboo Cameleon3 by Diesel, but add a touch of rebellion to Bugaboo’s entire product family as the accessories can be used on all strollers.
The Bugaboo Diesel Cameleon3 features a dark green anodized base, 2 ply green canvas fabrics, wheels with the Diesel logo and gold metal start, and faux leather handlebar and carry handle. It features a specially designed removeable pocket as well – pretty cool, no? I think I love it, Shame I have a baby who has too many buggies & growing far too fast to be able to be able to justify another Bugaboo... The Diesel Bugaboo is amazing though...
Along with the Cameleon3 Special Edition Diesel stroller comes some universal accessories so everyone can join in on the fun – army print foot muff, seat liner, parasol, and mosquito net...
Born to be brave Bugaboo Diesel

the collaboration

Bugaboo and the iconic lifestyle brand Diesel joined forces to collaborate over a period of  three years that will  bring the creation of three different collections.
Founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso, says "Diesel is known for its alternative mindset and philosophy: creativity, innovation, unpredictability. We like to apply our lifestyle approach to an array of different products, we did it with cars (our Fiat 500) and motorbikes (our own Ducati Monster), now it is time to tackle another ‘engine’, different from everything we have done so far, and we will obviously do it in true Diesel DNA."
"We're very proud of this new collaboration; Diesel is such an authentic innovative brand,” enthuses Max Barenbrug, Chief Design Officer and founder of Bugaboo. "Their inspiring inventiveness and rebellious spirit will certainly give our designs a truly unexpected edge and we're very excited to collaborate over this three year period".

bugaboo by diesel accessories

Bugaboo by diesel accessories
Seat liner, Parasol, Footmuff & Mosquito Net.
The first Bugaboo by Diesel collection includes a line of unique accessories that not only perfectly fit the Bugaboo Cameleon³ by Diesel, but add a touch of rebelliousness to Bugaboo’s entire product family.
Accessories that can be used on all pushchairs, the Bugaboo by Diesel Seat Liner and parasol feature a camouflage print and include the iconic Diesel badge “Only The Brave” as does the Bugaboo by Diesel Footmuff. Additionally, the footmuff includes a special pocket for extra functionality.
The included mosquito net takes it a step further with a coordinating camouflage print that completes the military-chic look.

With the Bugaboo by Diesel accessories, you are ready to set the scene.

Bugaboo by Diesel 

They say - "We’re delighted to announce the launch of our three year collaboration with iconic lifestyle brand Diesel. Stay tuned for more pics and info, and our fashionable take on modern parenting."

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