Hugo Vs the ADM boots Talipes

I'm still fighting, fighting Hugo to keep his new ADM boots on. WHY is it so hard???
I feel like my life is just going to be this constant fight, night after night after night.
Although he will quite happily wear them in the day... i feel this is a huge kick in the teeth though....

I had the 'magic' idea of covering his new ADM boots up in bandages you know the drill with children something hurts you pop a plaster on it a brilliant its fixed.

So we got the bandages out & covered his new boots up. 
He was happy. I felt we had got somewhere...

He said they don't hurt anymore, half an hour later he trying to get them off. 

The game is over.
I shout & scream, I keep calm I cuddle.
He's in bits screaming crying kicking....
I'm so tired. 

I remove the bandages. Then he removes the ADM's... He does it so quick!! 
Then the next morning he will happily wear them.

I wish this was easy....

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