Coco the Cavapoo : Day of injections & vet check

Having a puppy seems so strangely similar to having a new baby. Without the pain & 9 months of living in agony putting 4 stone on... ect ect. You get it.

Coco had now been with us just over a week & honestly I can't even begin to imagine life without her! 
She's settled in beautifully. 
Such a joy & sleep sat night time. ((Perfect))

Today we took her to our family vets for her second lot of injections. 

It was horrible seeing her get so upset. (The vet knew she was a cavapoodle just by her cry!) sweet.
She got all panicked about them. 

Then decided to pee all over her vets notes (Good going really she is paper trained) we did actually praise her. 

We've booked her in for puppy parties! At the vets they hold puppy parties. How amazing does that sound!!! I'm so excited to get her mixing with more dogs. 

She will be able to go for her first walk in two weeks. 
Then the following fortnight we will get her microchip. 

Emilyn fell asleep holding Coco on the way home.



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