Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween !!
How exciting. 
Last week my two went to a few Halloween parties, Emilyn went to her first Disco. 
Both from School. 
The Disco was fun however Emilyn was scared of everyone dressed up. (all her friends) 
They danced & played party games they made me play musical bumps. (My legs ouch)

Hugo was a Pirate & Emilyn a witch.


It's funny before Emilyn started Preschool she had never dressed up for halloween. 
But as Hugo was part of her Pre-school parties he's always dressed up. 

Happy Halloween Dorking 

Hugo as a pumpkin 2012 & 2013
Emilyn 2013

Emilyn & Hugo October 2012

Emilyn & Hugo October 2013 

Emilyn & Hugo October 2014

Have a lovely halloween. It's pretty quiet living in the middle of nowhere no trick or treaters here.

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