Hugo's ADM hospital appointment Talipes 30 October

It was just two weeks ago we were here last. 
In two weeks I would love absolutely LOVE to say things are better...
Things are pretty much the same. 
We've kept the boots and bar, each evening I ask Hugo "what boots would you like to wear tonight?" 
It's nice for him to choose, like he likes to choose what clothes to wear each day.

I've kind of given up, No I don't get much sleep & yes each night is drama with trying to get him to wear his boots, the ADM's or the boots and bar.
I've finally accepted this is my life & i'm feeling a lot more content with it all.
We will be going back in a few months now. Such a nice feeling after spending so much time at the hospital recently. 
His feet are doing really good!! 
All positives. 

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