Meet Coco the newest addition to our family

Coco is our new Puppy, she's a Cavapoo - Cavalier King Charles cross Toy Poodle
9 weeks old yesterday. 
Born on the 9th August 
She was 1 out of a litter of 8 !! They all looked identical. 
We had the choice of two little girls & Coco came straight up to me & wouldn't leave my side. 
She's the one I knew we would be taking her home with us. 
We had driven all the way to Essex & she was at the most magnificent houses I'd ever seen. 
The drive home with her took around an hour & a half, Coco was amazing (the first puppy that hasn't been car sick) She let out a few cry's. But that was all.
She's fully paper trained !! Amazing. 
I joked that she's better toilet trained than Hugo my 2.5 year old son! 
The night we brought her home. She loves Emilyn.
The first few nights was just like having a new born baby back in my life, she cried all night. 
Last night was much better (feels like we're getting somewhere) 
Yesterday we got her new collar (her first ever collar) 

She's so little.
Coco our new Cavapoo

We had to get her a cat collar, she's too small for any of the dog collars... as you can see she's quite tiny. 
8 weeks 5 days old
Here's a few photos from the last few days...

Emilyn & Coco the Cavapoo cuddles


Coco 8 weeks 6 days old Cavapoo 

She's so amazing, settled in with our family life really quickly. She has all the energy in the world for about half an hour then she will sleep for 4 hours. 

Coco the cavapoo showing off her new collar 9 weeks old

Coco the cavapoo showing off her new collar 9 weeks old

Coco the cavapoo showing off her new collar 9 weeks old

I can't wait to get her last set of jabs next week so she can go outside... then the puppy training begins....

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