Quinny Longboard stroller - fusing the longboard & the strollers together

Quinny Photo Longboard 
The world as we see it is changing. 
Changing in ways we never thought was ever possible. 
Changing for the better.
Changing for the big kids that live within us. 
Longboarding & pushing a stroller.

Yes I hear you... Crazy idea?
Have you tried one?
Lets not judge until you've been on one shall we?

I myself wouldn't say I was particularly sporty though I enjoy the gym (In my lack of spare time) 
I've been following the Quinny Longboard from the very beginning.

I was honoured to be asked to be so involved & be the live blogger for the day. (They know I am a buggy addict) I could talk Quinny strollers every day quite easily.  It was an absolute pleasure! 
We got the train up (Hugo loves trains) We had to jump on lots & lots to keep him happy. 
Waiting to start our day at the train station. 
On a train to london

The weather was beyond beautiful it could of easily of been mid June not November 1st. 
I plucked the courage to just jump straight on one. 
Please note I have never been on a longboard before. EVER before. The closest I've ever been to anything like this is a skateboard ( I think I fell off that too )

You'll be happy to know I didn't fall off the Quinny longboard. 
We totally put it through it's paces too. 
For someone who has never used anything like this before I was amazed at just how easy it is to use. 
Once you've picked up speed it's a dream to ride on & a lot of fun. 

LBS = Longboardstroller

Hugo at 2 and a half years old totally loved it. 

From 1 year to 3 years (ish) 15kg is maximum the average pushchair weight limit.

Up to 100kg 

Next year 

€599 Shipping costs & local import fees excluded 

Shipping to European Union countries ONLY

The Quinny longboardstroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. This product was not designed for other territories, notably in to North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and the longboardstroller is not intended for use in those territories. 
Quinny photo 
Only 1000 at first. 
Hugo racing the longboardstroller

 Hugo giggling.

How easy the Quinny Longboardstroller is to fold.

The Quinny Longboardstroller is the exciting solution for travelling long distances in a fun and eco-freindly way. It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding. 
Thanks to its multiple safely features, it is the most exciting way to get around with your child.

Longboardstroller by Quinny 
It rides amazing & also looks amazing. Carefully thought out to make it look funky & fashionable.
Also most importantly unisex. 

Keep Rolling with the Quinny Longboardstroller
Quinny Longboardstroller Hugo's little feet on it.

The vent was held in Clapham Common by the bandstand with the best cafe next to it ... amazing sausage sandwiches...

Mr.H having a go on the Quinny Longboardstroller

Totally loving life on the Quinny longboardstroller

Mr.H with Hugo

It's so easy to get used to it, yes granted the first time I tried to turn it we did just keep going forwards. 
I am just being honest it takes a while to get used to, as I have never used a longboard before. 
By the end of the day I had just got the hang of it. 
I didn't want to get off it. 

Nor did Hugo...he loved riding on it back & forwards.

I had got the hang of it here... Quinny Longboardstroller

Hugo having a ride on it with Mr.H

Looking pretty content here.

Helping me longboard

The helmets come with your Quinny longboard purchase. 

So do you think you need longboard experience? 

I say no, of course not. I would recommend you read the user manual though to make sure you are aware of where the brake is. Quinny has tested the Loandboardstroller with all kinds of people and anyone (yes anyone) will get the hang of it after a bit of practice. They recommend you do a test ride child red at first to get used to the agility, speed and breaks of the LBS.

Honestly If I can do it... You'll be able to do it too!

What happens if you accidentally fall of the LBS ? 

(Just so you know it will be hard to actually fall off it I did try to tip it & I couldn't even do that)
However if you do somehow managed to fall off... you have a safety leash attached to your arm that is integrated into a safety brake and the Longboardstroller will automatically stop.

The Quinny longboardstroller event was amazing I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

So many lovely people around us.

& I loved how many people stopped us around the park to ask about the Longboardstroller. 
The whole day was buzzing with excitement for the LBS 

Mr.H & Hugo went off for a ride & I thought I had lost them but so many people kept stopping them asking about the LBS they couldn't get back to us as quickly as they'd hoped. 

But hey this is what the LBS event was for. 

Getting the word out there. 

Twitter went crazy too with so many people tweeting about the Longboardstroller.

Lets talk the Price so at €599 its a usual stroller price. 
As I am out the loop with longboards I have no idea what the usual price is, I know skateboards can be a few hundred pounds & the same for longboards This one for example is over £300... add that this longboard has been changed to work with the stroller, They have chosen the best possible components and materials in order to deliver a high end product. Working only with top-notch materials and parts from proven longboard brands. Assembly happens in Europe to assure the highest quality.
Then the average Quinny stroller is what £275 for the Zapp Xtra now the Quinny Longboardstroller seems actually quite a reasonable price. 

I mean all families are different & yeah some families just have absolutely no reason for a stroller like this in their life. Fair enough. 
However the family who loves living outdoors with that outgoing adrenalin rush lifestyle, living next to the sea or huge parks this is the stroller for you. (The stroller for me) 
Yes this Quinny longboardstroller has stolen my heart. 

I was also totally amazed at how many elderly people LOVED this. Stopping & saying how they wished they had something like this for their children 40 odd years ago. How FAB! 

Hugo on the Quinny longboardstroller

Going fast on the LBS

So whats your verdict? 
I know Mr.H wants one.


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