Barkbeats Dog Subscription Box *Review

The Barkbeats box
This ones for Coco. I would let her do all the talking but being a puppy of just 4 months old. I'd imagine it to be very much like this....
"so i got given a box and the box had toys and i love toys and i played and played and played and played and played then there was my tail so i chased it and chased it and chased it round and round and round and round then the orange toy squeaked and i got all excited again and i ran after it then chewed it and chewed it and chewed it..."
Just like an over excited Elf or Buddy the Elf... 

So anyways I will do the talking for Coco. The pictures show JUST how much she loves this box from Barkbeats.

Kong Squeeze Jels (Coco's favourite)
Farm food trainers 
Gingerbread man
Christmas Reindeer
Pet Munchies Treats 

BarkBeats BB box
You can take a look at previous boxes HERE

The presentation was perfect ! 

Coco couldn't wait to look inside 

She found the reindeer! 

The kong squeeze 


Coco waiting patiently

Coco is excited to play

Coco showing off her BB box

Yummmm she loves her Kong

Chew chew chew perfect for those puppy teeth

farm food trainers 

Pet munchies 
What do we think?

Well we love it. What a great concept. A monthly dog box that you can cancel any time.
Free shipping to your doorstep
Excellent Value. BB say "We ensure the BB box value exceeds the price you pay"
& with doing a brief bit of investigating
I roughly added the whole box to be about £22.00+ & you get free shipping!
Bargain when the monthly box starts from just £13.50.

What better way to treat your fur baby than this? 

I absolutely LOVE this idea 
& LOVE this box.   

If all of this doesn't tempt you then perhaps I will also tell you about The Barkbeats Hearts 

"Shelter & Charity Programmes

What is the Hearts Programme?
At Barkbeats we're dedicated to promoting the health and happiness of dogs everywhere. Through various campaigns and promotions, we donate at least 10% of our profit to animal charity organizations. 
Want to know more about the Hearts Programme?
If you represent a shelter, rescue or other animal welfare organization, please email us at and we'll contact you. "

Waiting for her pet munchies

Sitting like a good girl

Sign up for your first box here
Or set one up as a gift here 

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