7 week countdown.Planning for Wedding Blessing in full swing

7 weeks to get pretty much EVERYTHING done. 
Yep. Hands over face. I'm been so relaxed about it all it's kind of gone straight over my head.
Not intentionally. Nope. 
Just with 2014 flying by & I just kept thinking oh March 2015 will be ages away. 
Ha! Now I'm starting to think I have A LOT to do in quite a short amount of time. 
With life going on too. 
So I'm going to apologise now If you don't hear from me for a few days/weeks. Though I enjoy typing away. And I enjoy keeping up with my life on the blog. I will totally do my best. 
After our Blessing we will be going to DISNEYLAND. Totally excited. I will be sure to blog about meeting Minnie & Micky Mouse. 
This week we have been picking out what dresses E will be wearing on the day. 
She likes the idea or she thinks I should say really that it's her wedding day. She pleaded me to find her a veil. I found this perfect one from Monsoon. 
Also some amazing dresses from Monsoon SALE. I love love love a good sale. 
I promise to try to keep you all updated. 
Can't believe it's just 7 weeks away!

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