Christmas Day 2014

I've been somewhat quiet over the Christmas holidays. I know I've been blogging still but I've not yet mentioned our Christmas Day. 
Well to say it was a total contrast to last year would be a slight understatement. 
Last year we flooded & had power cuts for days we managed to get a few days away at a local friends house whilst they were away. 
This year was chilled. Perfect. 
We woke up to both children in their own beds! They had slept all night (no boots and bar for Hugo) thats a whole different blog post.... urgh he's been so poorly with the crazy high temperatures that haven't been going away he couldn't bare the boots and bar even more than usual. 
Anyways hurrah they slept in their beds! (though they've not done that again)  Well until NYE they slept all night. Last night however they woke up again like normal. 

Christmas day started beautifully, We cooked a big fry up breakfast then had coffee then opened our presents. 
This was our first official Christmas actually in our newly built home. After the power cuts & floods last year... We had our Accidental christmas
This year was absolutely lovely! 

Hugo unwrapping his remote controlled car

I was sent this beautiful plate from a very close friend from Hello Sketchy

It's as big as my head!!

We then went to my Parents house for lunch, opening presents & then Christmas dinner. 

Lightening Mcqueen

My two Spidermen. 

Mr.H's bluetooth speaker

Emilyn & Hugo got scooters 
Mr.H & I 

Christmas dinner was amazing.

Christmas Dinner 

Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year
Let 2015 be amazing. 

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