Emilyn is Star of the week.

Yesterday Emilyn came home from school ecstatic. The star of the week is all she ever talks about. Since she started Primary School, week by week she has seen her friends get the *prestigious* (In a 5 year old's life) Star of the week award. Each week Emilyn would come home & tell she how hard she'd been working that week & how unfair it was she still hadn't received the star of the week. She would get quite upset too. On the car journey home on Thursday we had the discussion about who will get the star of the week this week, She was already feeling disheartened that she probably wouldn't get it. That actually perhaps other children may of worked harder than her this week. I told her not to be silly & she doesn't know who will get it yet, This week could very well be her week. So here we are. Emilyn got Star of the week. OH my goodness didn't we know it. 
She came jumping ecstatically out of school into my arms, her smile beaming from side to side. Up & down like a yoyo. No one could dampen her joy this afternoon, telling me all about her day still yoyo'ing up & down. I as her mother felt the so proud. More happy for her to be feeling this on top of the world. That handwork pays off. She's been awarded it for her 'trying very hard to write and read simple words' 
We then went to the local shop & got celebratory cake. Perfect.
Here she is with her star of the week

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