Hugo's 3. "I'm big now!" and the 'trembling threes'

We celebrated Hugo's third birthday last week. 

We had a lovely day celebrating H's big day. He was very spoilt by beautiful gifts. 

Since Hugo's been three however his tantrums are now immense. Like totally out of this world! 
Terrible twos are nothing compared to trembling threes! 

Hugo is now convinced he's a 'big boy' that he is capable of doing anything & everything.
It's very sweet but also very draining. 
We spent 20 minutes explaining to him that even though yes he is big but he isn't big enough for the drop slide! Oh my goodness it's suddenly very hard work. 
I dread to think what he will be like once he's four. 

Every response is "but I'm big now" 

Coco was enjoying the keyboard

All Hugo wanted for his birthday was a football cake. Very sweet.


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