Irregular Choice Wedding shoes. #HardingsBlessing2015

Lets talk shoes. 
Shoes, shoes, shoes. 
Wedding Shoes, Party shoes, pretty shoes. 
We went shopping at the weekend. When we found the perfect shoes for Emilyn (The right shoes for five year old)
I've been so busy this week & haven't been able to tell you all about shoe shopping for myself. 
Irregular Choice have also got an amazing SALE on at the moment. 
Typically for me I fell for the ones not in the sale. 

I love Irregular Choice shoes.

I loved these Irregular Choice shoes 
I have been an Irregular Choice shoe fan for years. After buying my first pair 5 years ago they were so comfy, I absolutely adore the randomness of them & how 'irregular' they are.

These ones are beautiful but didn't feel as comfy as the others

Now these. These beautiful shoes. Irregular Choice beauties.

My three top favourites. Irregular choice wedding shoes


I love them all. Irregular choice.

I tried on these KG shoes from Debenhams they are lovely but as I had my heart set on the irregular choice shoes I couldn't buy them

Irregular Choice shoes.

LOOK at them !! Irregular choice shoes.

You can find Irregular Choice on Facebook & Twitter 

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