Lemsip is getting me through

Typically I had 'booked' this week off to get busy with Wedding stuff. Then yesterday i woke up with a streaming cold. Urgh you know that saying 'I'm full of cold.' I looked crap. Crappity crap carp.
No amount of make up would of made me look better either.
This week I should of started posting out invitations. (Yep sorry about that, you'll get yours soon)
It seems whenever I try to get organised. Getting poorly gets in the way.
Those of you that know me personally, will understand I hate being poorly. Urgh after having bad M.E for over 7 years not being able to get out of bed for weeks. I hate being ill. I hate the feeling of needing someone else to help me through. I once & only once blogged bravely about my M.E I struggle to talk about it, I hate people thinking i'm moaning all the time.
Truth is If I over do things I get really poorly, My glands swell to double the size & my brains feel like there about to burst out of my head, The migraines mean I literally need to lay down & not move.
Majority of my poorlyness is lack of sleep, stress & being too busy. However I love my life & I'd be so bored if I slowed too much down too quickly.
So yesterday & today has been annoyingly spent resting. Feeling sorry for myself. Eating a whole bag of mini eggs & Jelly babies. Urgh I'm feeling it now.
Tonight Mr.H & I are off to the first of six meetings about 'getting married' we are going on a wedding/married course, to learn more about each other. I'm quite excited, exhausted all ready.
Thank goodness for lemsip & herbal tea.
Thank goodness also for Alice in Wonderland keeping Hugo & I amused. I'm so lucky to have such a film buff three year old. (P.S he's doing amazing at this toilet training stuff. Over 24 hours dry now) Proud mummy.

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