Moments That Mattered in 2014

The Moments that mattered in 2014 

We are a month into 2015 & already 2014 seems a world away. 
I like to start my year to look back on the past year. 
The small yet amazing things we've achieved, The family memories, the days out, the love, the laughter, the tears. 
It was all in 2014, here's our best bits.

We started 2014 with a Pantomime. *Oh no we didn't. Oh yes we did. He's behind you!!*

The nights got longer, the sleep deprivation got worse. I spoke out more about Hugo's hatred for his boots and bar 
A video snippet of our life with boots and bar

We got given the Dobbs bar to help our nights. 
The dobbs bar helped briefly....
We went to Plymouth to stay with one of my best friends for our wedding anniversary in March & took the children Iceskating for the first time.

We visited The Baby Show, were I was given the Quinny Yezz to review.

I had a new book published - My baby brother has happy feet

In April we, Mr.H & I spent our first ever weekend away from both children. We visited a local'ish hotel & caught up with sleep. 

We got our Easter Bunny. The children's first ever pet. 
Meet Mr. Cuddles.

We went to Disney on Ice in April!! Amazing experience.

`Flat pack home

Emilyn had her last ever day at Pre-School.
Emilyn's first & last day at preschool.
I went to Italy with my Mum & Sister for a girls holiday & travelled around Pisa, Florence & Venice in July 

We became Fishers Farm members in August
Fishers farm fun

Hugo vs the ADM boots still fighting the boots. in September

Emilyn started big school

Emilyn celebrated her 5th Birthday 

Novemeber 1st was the Quinny longboard stroller event & I was their live blogger Amazing experience. 

I attended the 

What's on 4 me awards representing Happy Feet Talipes 

Our accidental mini break away to The Isle of Wight at the end of Novemeber

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