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January 19, 2015 – Mamazou is a new online baby group for parents.  Its worldwide members can share experiences, chat openlyask questions then get encouragement, support and guidance in return.  

Navigating the uncluttered site is simplethere are three headings to click: Forum, Home, and Groups.  These lead you to a variety of topics ranging from bi-lingual babies, fit mummiesrecipes, book clubs, baby led weaning and even celebrity gossip.  
The website is the brainchild of Jennifer Raymond who set it up after being unable to find anything similar which was simply designed and easy to navigateWe are so busy as parents, that we really don’t have the time to navigate through congestion to find what we need,” she said, “there are plenty of business-style parenting websites that post news articles and doctor recommendations for parents, but none that allow parents to converse openly. Mamazou is that space.” 
Photo caption L-R: Mamazou creator, Jennifer Raymond with her husband Adam and their babyHayley

About Mamazou 
Mamazou was created to bring parents and parents-to-be (from across the world) together to share their knowledge, advice and experiences. It’s designed to become a close knit and down-to-earth community offering members access to forums, groups and blogs. Mamazou is a place to talk, laugh, vent, share recipes, win competitions and much more.    

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